About Ali

I discovered yoga by accident when a friend took me to a class in my early twenties. I did not see myself as yoga material at all. Looking back, I did not have a good relationship with my body at that stage in my life.

But I loved the feeling yoga gave me. I felt peaceful when I came out of a class. I was fortunate to be taught by a wonderfully encouraging teacher, Pat. Pat would walk around class exclaiming at how strong we were all becoming. She made me proud of what my body could do.

My outlook was changed through yoga. I discovered that I had an inner strength, was able to find a place of calm within. I found a profound connection with the natural world, and was able to appreciate the small pleasures in life.

In 2020, after twenty-odd years of personal practice, I decided to take yoga teacher training. I am still enjoying my career as a speech and language therapist, but I also acknowledge the gifts of yoga, and I want to share these. I love the connections between my two jobs: both are about connection, communication and empowering people to live joyous, fulfilling lives.

I completed my initial 200 hour teacher training in June 2021, then a further 300 hour advanced teacher training in October 2021. I am Yoga Alliance International certified. I will never stop learning: I am committed to continuing professional development and I keep up with the latest scientific research in the health and wellbeing world.

My style of yoga draws from Iyengar and Scarivelli methods. I also incorporate Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga, to give a rounded practice. I am constantly learning from other teachers.

When students tell me that they feel stronger or that their balance, energy or outlook has changed, I know I am fulfilling my dream of sharing the gift of yoga.

When I am not on my yoga mat, I love gardening and writing. I recently published a book ‘Self-Care for Allied Health Professionals’ published by Routledge. I am also the author of two speech and language therapy books.